What our Clients Say

We had a deadline to meet within a few days and [Mr. Williams] promptly executed all his time and expertise to get the job done.  He turned everything around in a timely matter and was able to meet our needs and get it done. He was very professional, polite and performed as promised. If and when I need a patent again I would highly recommend Ben Williams. He exceeded our expectations and was very capable and knowledgeable about the process. When we asked questions, Mr. Williams took the time out even while working under pressure to answer questions without any hesitation. In my opinion, Mr. Williams was exceptional. I would recommend him to anyone whom needs his services.”

Teri H., Durham NC

…very professional as I would expect it to be. Great job…. I will be using your services for the non-provisional as well as for my next idea.”

Anthony P., Philadelphia, PA

Thank you so much for providing excellent service and feedback!”

Angela, Lansing MI

Ben, you have exceeded our expectations with the detail and professionalism put into this non-provisional patent. From start to finish you have been there to answer any question we had and we can’t thank you enough.”

John, Pensacola FL

Thank you very much Ben for your hard work on getting our patent filed so quickly!”

Robert, Richmond Hill NY

Thanks Ben for guiding me through the process. Working with you was fun and easy.”

Srinivas, Dublin OK

I can’t thank you enough. Everything is just perfect.”

DeShawn, Brooklyn NY

Thanks for all your help and doing such a great job on it.”

David, Norwood CO

Thank you very much for all your services. I would recommend your firm anytime.”

Alvin, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

I would like to thank you and everyone at your firm for such quick and great work you have done patenting my inventions. I had no knowledge of the patent process; I appreciate the time and patience you took assuring that I understood the process, and I also appreciate the fact that I can always call or email you with any question. I most definitely would recommend your services to anyone looking to patent their invention.”

Deborah, Newark NJ

It was a pleasure working with your company”

Karen, Surrey, British Columbia

You did a great job!”

Walter, San Mateo, CA

I am sure glad I found you…. I think you need to raise your prices, glad you didn’t prior to me but you are a true GEM!!!”

Lindsey, Denver, CO

The service provided by Williams Intellectual has been above exceptional,- communication is outstanding with customers, and true professionalism exemplified.”

Pamela, Atkinson, NH