Fee Schedule

Williams Intellectual Property Flat Fees:
Includes ALL office action responses – you pay nothing more until prosecution is closed

Utility Patent: $3500 – $7500
Provisional Patent: $1550 – $1875
Design Patent: $1250 – $1875

For patent search and all other fees, please contact our office.

Utility and Design fees include all office action responses incurred during prosecution of your patent application.

Fees due to the USPTO

You are responsible for the USPTO fees, including the initial filing and the issue fee to issue your patent should your patent application be allowed. See list of fees here.

Microentity* Small Entity** Corporate
Utility filing fee: $70 $140 $280
Utility search fee: $150 $300 $600
Utility examination fee: $180 $360 $720
Total Utility USPTO fees due at filing:
(to avoid additional charges)
$400 $800 $1600
Design filing fee: $70 $140 $280
Design search fee: $30 $60 $120
Design Examination fee: $115 $230 $460
Total Design USPTO fees due at filing:
(to avoid additional charges)
$215 $430 $860
Provisional filing fee: $65 $130 $260

*A microentity is an inventor who reported gross income of less than $150,162 last year and has less than 4 patents in their name.

**A small entity is a government, a nonprofit company, or higher education institution or a company with less than 50 employees.